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Palestine Technical University Research Journal

 Palestine Technical University Research Journal is an open access multidisciplinary peer‐reviewed journal published in electric and print forms biannually. The journal covers and publishes original research papers in a wide range of academic disciplines. The aims of the journal is to develop the highest quality knowledge‐based products and service for the academic, scientific, professional, research and student communities in Palestine and worldwide.

The Journal uses the i-Thenticate software, is a plagiarism detection service for the corporate market, which can detects and corrects the references used in research, to limit access to ready-made research attributed to others. The journal carries serial number ISSN: 13078081- (Print) ISSN: 2307809-X (Online)

The Dean of Scientific Research acts as the liaison officer with the Supreme Council for Science and Technology and contributes, through his communication with the Council, to disseminating information on research cooperation with national and international universities to the various faculties of the University and urging faculty members to participate in the various research teams and apply for financial support for their research projects.


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